New Patients

AlignLife New Patient Info


New Patient: Workers Comp
If you are a new patient with a work related injury, please download this patient packet.

Workers Comp Packet


New Patient: Auto Accident
If your injury is due to an auto accident, please download this patient packet

Auto Accident Packet


New Patient: Pediatric (12 and Under)
For patients who are under the age of 12 use this patient packet.

New Pediatric Patient Form


Regular New Patient
If you are not in the above categories, please download our standard new patient packet

Standard New Patient Form


Nutritional / Weight Loss

New Patient: Nutritional Consultation
For patients scheduled for a nutritional or weight loss consultation, please download the Health Appraisal packet.

Nutritional Consultation Packet


If your doctor has requested you complete a Comprehensive Health Appraisal:

Comprehensive Health Appraisal



New Patient: Massage
For those scheduled for a first time massage, please download the Massage Intake Forms.

Massage Intake Forms

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